A wedding ceremony in a villa on Halkidiki

Symbolic wedding ceremony in a villa in Greece on Halkidiki peninsula



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The best way to make your big day a truly private event is to decide on preparing a wedding ceremony in a villa on Halkidiki peninsula with elegant interior décor, fascinating hospitality, sea of fresh flowers and magical seclusion. These are not the only advantages of having your big day here.

You will have a vast territory in lush greenery, a cozy sun-drenched terrace with an amazing view over sea and adjacent olive groves. You can not only marvel at it, but also use this setting as a backdrop for your photos.

Moreover, picking a symbolic wedding in a villa on Halkidiki peninsula you get an opportunity to relax and enjoy a magnificent setting and great cultural heritage of Greece. Concealed from all hustle and bustle of the outside world you can realize here you most bold ideas and stay, so to say, invisible at the same time.

The most attractive advantage this wedding package offers is the fact that you can forget about being late. You do not have to leave this place either for creating your own unique images, or for attending your wedding party.

Our wedding offer includes:

Service packages


It is the most complete package of services from the rich wedding collection we offer for a symbolic ceremony organization in Greece with expanded content of high quality. This package is a balanced combination of price and services proposed for the ceremony. You can always enrich it with additional services making the event more exciting.

  • Ceremony organization and coordination
  • Ceremony consulting & planning
  • Selection of venue ceremony
  • Ceremony date&venue booking
  • Officiant
  • Meeting with the couple before the ceremony
  • Hotel-wedding location-hotel transfer (Optimal)
  • Bouquet & groom's boutonniere (Premium)
  • French champagne
  • Wedding Favors (Comfort)
  • Wedding certificate (Comfort)
  • Symbolic present from our company (Comfort)
  • CD music
  • Ceremony table
  • Decorated champagne glasses for newlyweds
  • Decoration elements
  • Rose petals
  • Ring pillow
  • Bonbons
  • Official duties & taxes
  • Upgraded venue decoration
  • Ritual-surprise fro the newlyweds
  • Photosession (Basic, 1 hour)
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The wedding package is available in such resorts as Crete, Rhodes, Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. We offer several extra services, in order to make your wedding bespoke.

Decoration elements mentioned in the package are: lanterns, runners, table cloths, chandeliers, candles, tea –candles, pleated hearts, vases, fabric etc. The elements are to be chosen according to the venue and in collaboration with the wedding planner.

Our wedding coordinator can meet a couple before the ceremony either in the hotel they are staying in or in our office. This meeting is possible only in case the hotel sits not far from the office of our company.

Decoration style


Are you dreaming of a bright, memorable celebration in combination with a tradition and a thousand-year history of Greece? Then organize your wedding in an olive style.  This option is ideal for lovers of tranquility and privacy, as olive shade of green symbolizes peace and an olive branch symbolizes the unity and success. The wedding ceremony decorated in olive, brown and pistachio shades promises harmony, stability and prosperity to a future family because it will be conducted in an atmosphere of freedom and pride. In ancient Greece the winners were given an olive wreath. The same olive wreath decorated the heads of Zeus and Hera. That’s why an olive style wedding is a ceremony of a sacred marriage on Earth, in the place which can boast beauty and picturesque landscapes. You can organize an olive style wedding in any resort in Greece.

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This package is available on Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Kos, Halkidiki, Corfu and in Attica.  The decoration elements consist of the basic elements for the ceremony. To make your wedding more individual and special we offer to use the extra services.

Ceremony location

Wedding in Greece

A wedding ceremony in a villa on Halkidiki

Symbolic wedding ceremony in a villa in Greece on Halkidiki peninsula

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