Wedding resorts

The most characteristic feature about the wedding destinations in Greece is their striking beauty. The country is not limited only by the mainland but can offer hundreds of the islands and peninsulas with pristine beaches, cozy coves, beautiful towns and monuments of antiquity, which are of great value for honeymooners from all over the world.
The most romantic wedding destination is Santorini island. According to the legend, once it was the part of Atlantis, and according to the scientists it represents the remains of the crater.
Mykonos island is considered to be the most fashionable and trendy of all islands. The island of Crete is the biggest. Rhodes islands has more sunny days per year and Kos island is famous for its small villages. Corfu is famous for its unusual resorts with Italian flavor and Zakynthos – for its picturesque local beaches.
Besides the numerous islands you can organize your wedding in Greece in Halkidiki Peninsula or the Peloponnese. Athens city is also a wedding destination as the rumor of its beauty dates back to the ancient times.

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