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Have you ever thought of having an original and the most romantic wedding in Greece? For sure, the first thing that comes to your mind is a ceremony at the sandy seaside to the accompaniment of the waves of the endless sea.

We can offer you one of the small cozy coves for a symbolic wedding by the sea on Rhodes. Or you can choose a small part of a beach. As a rule, a wedding by the sea in Greece is designed in blue and turquoise colors. It is believed that it will protect you from all misfortunes.

This wedding package uniqueness is in its natural ambience. Imagine, if Greece is a sunny country, then Rhodes is the most warm and sundrenched island. It is almost 300 sunny days a year here. Though the unique atmosphere of a holiday is created not only by the weather, but also by the picturesque landscapes with crags, lush greenery, sea breeze and romantic mood.

A tradition to celebrate the most special occasions at the seaside traces its roots back to the Homeric times. It was a symbolic place back then and often was preferred by the Greek gods for an opportunity to enjoy to the fullest the endless sea, warm white sand and garlands of fresh flowers prepared for the celebration. And for stunning views. Today it has become special for thousands of couples from all around the world.

We will organize a real holiday flavoured with fresh sea breeze. Your dream of running in a snow-white dress feeling soft sand under your feet can come true right on the spot. But if you love adventures and fun you can finish the ceremony by plunging into the sea without taking off your wedding attire. Nature will create an unforgettable fairytale-like atmosphere with the breeze, as your personal hairdresser, toying with the locks and a sun putting some blush on your chicks like a professional make-up artist.

Our wedding offer includes:

Service packages


It is a basic package in our colourful collection of symbolic wedding offers in Greece. This package includes the minimum of the necessary services for having a wedding in Greece.

  • Ceremony organization and coordination
  • Ceremony consulting & planning
  • Selection of venue ceremony
  • Ceremony date&venue booking
  • Officiant
  • Meeting with the couple before the ceremony
  • Hotel-location-hotel transfer (Basic)
  • Bouquet & boutonniere (Basic)
  • Bottle of sparkling wine
  • Wedding Favors (Basic)
  • Wedding certificate (Basic)
  • Company present (Basic)
  • CD music
  • Ceremony table
  • Decorated champagne glasses for newlyweds
  • Decoration elements
  • Rose petals
  • Ring pillow
  • Bonbons
  • Official duties & taxes
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The wedding package is available in such resorts as Crete, Rhodes, Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. We offer several extra services, in order to make your wedding bespoke.

Decoration elements mentioned in the package are: lanterns, runners, table cloths, chandeliers, candles, tea –candles, pleated hearts, vases, fabric etc. The elements are to be chosen according to the venue and in collaboration with the wedding planner.

Our wedding coordinator can meet a couple before the ceremony either in the hotel they are staying in or in our office. This meeting is possible only in case the hotel sits not far from the office of our company.

Decoration style


Wedding in Greece in a classic style is an ideal variant for those who consider themselves conservatives and choose traditional wedding colours as a wedding decoration. If you love, love with all your heart. If you tie a knot, do it in the place where love itself was born. If you choose a wedding dress, choose it in soft white shades and a black suite for a groom, as it is classic. It has been believed since the ancient times that classic weddings predict a happy life for the couple. Though fashion changes, the classic image of the couple and the magic atmosphere combined with muslin, ribbons, crystal candlesticks attract admiring eyes of the guests. The ceremony will be decorated in classic colours and everything that is necessary to conduct a ceremony in a classic style will be taken care of.

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This package is available at all the resorts in Greece.  The decoration elements consist of the basic elements for the ceremony. To make your wedding more individual and special we offer to use the extra services or take other style packages.

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Wedding in Greece

A wedding by the sea on the island of Rhodes

Symbolic wedding ceremony by the sea in Greece on Rhodes

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