A luxury wedding at the seaside on the island of Crete

Symbolic wedding ceremony at the seaside in Greece on Crete



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A luxury wedding at the seaside on Crete is not just a Greek marriage ceremony. Here is our eccentric wedding package for the most whimsical, demanding and sophisticated couples. Do not trust those who insist that true luxury is possible only in the expensive hotels and private villas. We will prepare a great festive of elegancy, sophistication and chick on one of the local beaches or in one of the bays hidden under the tree shades.

The uniqueness of Crete is in its stunning landscapes. A luxury wedding on Crete owes its success to the perfect location and its decoration, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and a magical feeling of having a great holiday that cannot be compared to anything else.

This wedding package involves the use of the blue colours in the exterior decoration with splashes of any other shades, which goes perfectly with the moods and wishes of the couple in love. So, you are welcome to search and try something new. Be sure that we will turn your even most audacious dreams and bold ideas come true.

Our wedding offer includes:

Service packages


It is a premium package in our colourful collection of symbolic wedding offers in Greece with premium-class services. This package stands out from all other packages by being a real “golden mean”. You will find there an expanded set of services you can use in order to make an unforgettable ceremony for yourself and your guests. We will take care about every detail of your ceremony, while you will have only to enjoy the company of each other, as any couple in love should do and radiate happiness and joy. Safe your laughs and be prepared, because you have a holyday soon!

  • Ceremony organization and coordination
  • Ceremony consulting & planning
  • Selection of venue ceremony
  • Ceremony date&venue booking
  • Officiant
  • Meeting with the couple before the ceremony
  • Hotel-wedding location-hotel transfer (Premium)
  • Bouquet & groom's boutonniere (VIP)
  • French champagne
  • Wedding Favors (Premium)
  • Wedding certificate (Premium)
  • Symbolic present from our company (Premium)
  • Live music
  • Ceremony table
  • Decorated champagne glasses for newlyweds
  • Decoration elements
  • Rose petals
  • Ring pillow
  • Bonbons
  • Official duties & taxes
  • Upgraded venue decoration
  • Ritual-surprise fro the newlyweds
  • Wedding cake (Premium,3 layers)
  • Silver pleated high chandeliers
  • Bride's robe
  • Ceremony trial
  • Wedding coordinator service
  • Scenario of the wedding ceremony
  • Special welcome at the airport
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The wedding package is available in such resorts as Crete, Rhodes, Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. We offer several extra services, in order to make your wedding bespoke.

It includes a complete set of services often requested by our clients. We designed this package basing on our previous experience and our clients’ reviews. In our opinion, this package can satisfy any spoiled bride. But, there is still a chance for you to add some additional services that will turn this ceremony into the celebration of your dream.

Decoration elements mentioned in the package are: lanterns, runners, table cloths, chandeliers, candles, tea –candles, pleated hearts, vases, fabric etc. The elements are to be chosen according to the venue and in collaboration with the wedding planner.

Our wedding coordinator can meet a couple before the ceremony either in the hotel they are staying in or in our office. This meeting is possible only in case the hotel sits not far from the office of our company.

Decoration style


Would you like to have an unusual and incredibly romantic sea-inspired wedding in Greece? Just imagine the endless blue sea and a luxury yacht, the cozy coves and thousands of the Greek Islands in a distance, where there myths are still alive. Greece attracts with its diversity and you will be able to enjoy its beauty by organizing a wedding ceremony right on the beach anywhere in Greece. For those who adore Greece we will organize a ceremony in the Greek white and blue shades with all the suitable decoration elements like a sea anchor, ropes, boats and lifebuoys in an atmosphere where the breeze will be your personal hairdresser, toying with the locks and the sun will put some blush on your chicks like a professional make-up artist.

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This package is available at all the resorts in Greece.  The decoration elements consist of the basic elements for the ceremony. To make your wedding more individual and special we offer to use the extra services.

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A luxury wedding at the seaside on the island of Crete

Symbolic wedding ceremony at the seaside in Greece on Crete

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