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Documents required for civil marriage in Greece

  1. Marriage License from the country specific, confirming that the person concerned has no impediment to get married and all the mandatory information of the intended spouse is stated.
  2. For citizens from Hungary, Estonia, USA, Russia and Bulgaria confirmation that they have no impediment to get married is needed from their Consulate in Greece, translated into Greek and certified by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (no validation is required for Estonian Consulate).
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. A residence permit or VISA whose validity period has not expired (not required for E.U. citizens).
  5. A valid passport or identity card for citizens, members of the E.U.
  6. Certificates issued in countries that have signed the Hague Convention should bear an apostille of the Hague Convention (APOSTILLE) by the Foreign authority, on the original foreign document and not in translation. Certificates issued in Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Turkey, are accepted without APOSTILLE stamp.
  7. Certificates issued in countries which have signed the Hague Convention, but Greece has raised objections to their membership (e.g. Albania, Georgia), should bear legalization of the Greek consular authorities abroad for the genuineness of the signature of the foreign authorities. The validation in this case is done on the original and not a photocopy.
  8. Certificates issued in countries that have not signed the Hague Convention should bear legalization of Greek consular authorities abroad or the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as to the authenticity of the signature of the foreign authorities. The validation in this case is done on the original and not a photocopy.
  9. Marriage licenses that have been issued in accordance to the Munich Convention 05.09.1980 (CERTIFICAT DE CAPACITE MATRIMONIALE) from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and Moldova are accepted without validation.
  • From the Translation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Athens).
  • From an authorized permanent civil servant of the corresponding Greek consular authority of the country issuing the certificate.
  • From a Greek lawyer who certifies that he has sufficient knowledge of the language from which he translated from.
  • From a professional translator certified by the Ionian University.
All documentation must be translated and officially stamped by the Greek Embassy or Consulate of your country and then faxed at least two months in advance to the Municipal office or sent by email to check that all the documentation is correct.
The original officially translated documents must be brought to them, as copied documents are not valid.
In the next days following the ceremony you are expected to visit the local Town hall and proceed to the signing of the legal and official papers.

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Applying an application for a wedding
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Bridal bouquet and boutonniere
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Sparkling wine
Champagne "Moёt"
Champagne "Moёt"
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Background music (CD)
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Table decorated for the ceremony
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Courier services
Obtaining a wedding certificate
Legalization of a wedding certificate in Greece
Preparation and translation of all documents
Decoration of the wedding location individually for each couple
Basket with fruits and wine
Wedding cake
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Surprise-ritual for newlyweds
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Civil wedding on Mykonos Island

Civil wedding on Mykonos Island

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